14 May, 2007

The Rog Forest, Base 20, Life-Sized Chess and Volcano Pizza


Kočevski Rog is a large plateau is southern Slovenian covered in forest. It was the safe haven of the Slovene Communist Party during WWII where 26 hospitals and many mini-settlements were built (Baza 20). Two hospitals and one settlement of 26 buildings remain. The combination of well camouflaged buildings and an advanced security system helped them survive the war undiscovered. During the winter it was forbidden to leave, as any footprints in the snow could give them away.

oooh, the bathrooms. Four holes one right next to the other. So much for privacy.

We just happened to be travelling with two chess freaks. The first few days, Sandra and I waited eagerly to start our days or even go to dinner while Pierre and David played epic 2-3 hour games of chess. This is the per game time, I kid you not. While visiting the forest we stayed in Dolenjske Toplice, which just happened to have a life sized chess board. Sandra and I played the queens.

"Hey look at our family sized volcano pizza girls?...Doesn't it look good? We have no idea that it's smothered in Tabasco sauce and full of jalapeño peppers. Hahaha, it's a Volcano pizza, I wonder why they call it a Volcano???""WOAH, this pizza IS like a Volcano! But Pierre we don't eat lots of spices we're French, what are we going to do? Can we eat all this pizza???""Hmmmm, let's eat some of this pizza and figure out what we're going to do about this"


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