14 May, 2007

Škocjan Caves

Back to Slovenia again. This time with a car, David, Pierre and Sandra.
Our first stop in Slovenia were the famous Škocjan Caves. They're a series of 11 limestone caves in the Karst region (SW) of Slovenia. The Reka river runs through the cave and then underground for about 34km where it joins the Adriatic. When we joined the river at the end of the cave, we were about 50 feet above it, so the view was pretty amazing. And then of course they do the thing where they turn all the lights off in the cave so that you know how really far you are from natural light. Not exactly my favorite part :) I didn't take the picture above, it's courtesy of good old Wikipedia, we weren't allowed to take pictures.
This is where the river enters the cave, and where we exited. You can see the entrance to the cave in the top center.
And then the weather started to turn when we walked to the view point. So we headed back to the car where we met a Slovenian man who started to talk to us...which was interesting because we only know the basic, hello/goodbye/thank you/where is the gas station. But he kept on talking, we eventually made out that his parents own some property behind the church in the picture. Slovenians aren't typically put off by you not understanding them, they just keep on talking. But then we realized he spoke German, so Pierre talked and translated.


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