07 February, 2007

The Alps 2...a slightly more successful trip!

Xavier...our gracious chauffeur...can you make out the van to the right? YES! A trip with a suitable car, not packed into a 2 door...but I guess that's the american in me!
Playing poker...I'm not sure if he can't keep a straight face or what, but during large bets, David prefered to go incognito
Still playing poker...from the right: Nini, Isabel, Cecile and Xav
Nini ready to go after a long night of poker

Oh Hallelujah! Sunshine and no wind at all...this time around, I didn't even need a winter coat, and I could actually see where I was going...a bit different from the demoralizing weekend trying to snowboard in a snowstorm with 0 visability.
Lunch at the top...jambon and fromage...yeah ok it sounds fancy but it was just ham and cheese :)


Blogger Bradbury said...

Wow Jen, those mountains look amazing! Looks like you’re having a great time. The ice is in and Stals and I have been climbing it regularly. We have our tickets for Indian Creek in April if you and David are looking for a climbing trip :) Oh, and I bought a tent this time..lol..


3:08 AM  
Anonymous courtney said...

hey jenn it looks beautiful sry i cant go to france since elizabeth cant

9:48 PM  

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