11 November, 2006


Hey look it's my last name!
The Ljubljanica River
The Dragon Bridge...slovenia's mascot
Small street in Ljubljana
Ah yes how i miss my cat, luckily there are cats everywhere in europe. this fiesty little guy was on the prowl for something, i think a ferocious


Bled is in the northwest corner of Slovenia. Almost surreal. It used to be an old resort town for Europeans. The lake is 6km around with a little island in the middle that houses a church from the 13th century. I caught this town on the off-season. The people out and about were mostly locals. The trees were just turning and save for the church bell that rang every once in awhile and the sound of the ducks it was pretty much silent.

The colors on these ducks was so brilliant it looked like someone crayoned them. They were often fighting, yelling at eachother and then bashing each other with their wings and beaks. It must be hard to fight as a duck, especially to fight another duck because i didn't get the feeling that they could actually hurt eachother.

One of many gondolas waiting to wisk you off to the island


Anonymous courtney said...

It sounds like your having fun. I miss you

9:41 PM  

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