07 October, 2006

Firenze, Italia

So here I am, finally in Florence. Quite a trip for me to get here and no way to show you pictures until i get back to Lyon.

I left for Florence, making a stop in Milan but having no ticket from Milan to Florence. Well, it all turned out well but I had the 'must have a plan' paranoia big time. I stood for a half hour in the wrong line to buy tickets with a guy from London and another american girl. We finally found the ticket counter and at 3pm, the next available train to Florence wasn't until 8pm putting me in Florence at a whopping 11:30 pm. This made me even more nervous as I was going to have to walk 20 minutes to my hostel. I meandered around Milan for awhile, I even got gutsy and took the metro to the Duomo to sight-see before my train. And then there was a metro strike! Like what the heck is this crap!!! Here I go with my little map running my butt off to get back to the train station. I was 45 minutes early and proceeded to get on the wrong train. Luckily it was at least going to Florence. Yes, this is me in Italy.

I got to my hostel and was so worn out from just not knowing where i was that i wanted to immediately go back to Lyon. David warned me of this...actually his exact words were 'you're going to get to your hostel, you're going to cry in your bed because you're lonely, and then you're going to wake up the next day and have a good time.' and that's pretty much exactly how it went.

Florence is so beautiful i can't possibly do it justice with words. I had a salami fromaggio sandwhich for breakfast by the Arno River crossed the Pont Vecchio, lined with classic local jewelers and spent the day wandering around. Somehow I struck some good luck and got a ticket into the Uffizi (it was sold out for the weekend and the next available time to get in was Tues). I went to reserve a ticket for Tuesday and the guy had one extra ticket for 1pm. The Uffizi is officially my favorite museum so far. Maybe more than the Louvre because I burnt myself out trying to do too much at once. But the Uffizi has some pretty cool stuff in it.

I did a bunch of other things too but I can't really tell you because my internet is going to run out in five minutes. Ciao!


Anonymous MOM said...

Well, it sounds like you're doing just fine....geographically challenged and all. Salami for breakfast - yum! Keep writing the blog, it's going to make a great movie. I nominate Cameron Diaz to play you.

love, mom

7:05 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Cameron Diaz !?!!!
Can I play MY role ?

Just kidding...hi Cleveland ;-)

Question : who else exept "mom" and I is reading this blog ???

4:30 PM  
Anonymous mom said...


Looks like it's just the two of us. Or maybe it's just the two of us writing and reading the comments.

Tell Jenn to get busy with an update!

Love, mom

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm watching your trip too!


12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in fact it's just like I'm there.


12:52 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...


signing your name completely defeats the whole "anonymous" thing. How are you? We miss you very much!


3:41 AM  

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