18 September, 2006


This will be short. Not too much of interest and I can't get the pictures to upload so i will try again tomorrow.

OOH! My head is overflowing with french...to top it off, at dinner there were 4 different languages floating around: English, French, German and Spanish :) Ha! I can hardly speak 2 let alone try and participate here. It was pretty funny though. And the people I am staying with crack me up. They speak English when I can't understand stuff, but really they speak French. Occasionally though, they'll be speaking to eachother and all of a sudden they'll say a sentence here and there in English and then go back to French. It's kind of funny. But nice for me even if they aren't talking to me because then I can have some semblence of their conversation if I haven't been able to follow it.

So in France they don't have public restrooms everywhere and you definitely CANNOT use the bathroom anywhere that you are not a paying customer. They'll tell you to leave if you try. Luckily I was warned of this or someone would have kicked my butt out of a cafe restroom long ago. Those of you that know me even a little or god forbid have had the chance to travel with my small bladder know that this poses more than a little problem. But have no fear, I have managed to find all the bathrooms in Paris! Oh yes, once you find the bathrooms you better have some change because they aren't free. Half a euro to pee! I can't believe you have to pay to pee. Incroyable! I will go broke from the bathrooms.

I am now in Paris totally alone, save for David's friends, but I see them only at night. You should all be very proud of my navigating :) I am going to take the train to Lyon on Thursday, another adventure in itself.

Time for bed so I can get up earlier than noon...biennuit.


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