26 August, 2006

Home again Home again

The send train is back in cleveland finally. After a grueling 56 straight hours home and a week long bout of car lag we are recovered. I'll get the last of the Squamish pictures up shortly.

But have no fear, the send train is taking an unexpected detour to europe! Yes, the send train will keep chugging. I leave on September 12th for paris. Still avoiding the "real job" like a pro. I haven't decided exactly what I'll do/see there, but definitely lots of sightseeing and climbing.

I spent the last few days in Montreal with David and his amazing french friends. They were gracious enough to pretend like my french was not the most absurd crap they'd ever heard. They chatted away and i daydreamed about one day understanding what the heck they were saying. It's wierd. Americans aren't really ever put in positions that demand them to know a language other than english. It's a whole other world being the minority let me tell you. But after a few months i should make some progress right????

Temps peux seulement dire.


Blogger Romain said...

Do you really mean there's something wrong with your French ? :-p

5:59 PM  

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