23 July, 2006

Notre nouvel ami David

So we finally left CA. On our way up north we stopped and slept on Pismo Beach where we almost got run over. They have these random areas where you can drive on the beach and camp for free and of course we decided to stay there. We were too lazy to pitch the tent and we were mildly worried that we hadn't parked the car far enough away from the ocean so the tide wouldn't come wash it away, so we just slept next to the car. At 4 in the morning this big white utility truck comes barrelling down the beach and makes a beeline towards us. It woke me up out of a sound sleep and i was waving my hands like a crazy woman so they wouldn't hit us. They obviously didn't but it kind of ruined our good nights sleep!

Then off to Oregon to climb again. We were short a guidebook but like every other part of this trip it all worked out. Our friend Jeff from Yosemite ended up being in Smith so he showed us around our first day and then we hooked up with a German couple on the second day. We also have a new addition to our trip...David, the crazy hitchhiker from france. Poor David, we have convinced him to come to Squamish with us and all we do is torture him with our painfully amateurish French. It's perfect though...an in-house French teacher. He puts up with us like a pro. He doesn't even complain when we yell random french phrases at him while he's climbing. He really has no idea what he's doing to himself by agreeing to travel with us :) And he said we could come stay with him in france...so that's also in the works.

We plan on staying at Smith for about a week. It's soooooo hot here...90 today. That's why we are sitting in the coffee shop playing on the internet. It's so hot that you can't sleep past 8, the sun starts to bake the tent. We seem to be finding plenty of shady climbing spots though so it doesn't interupt the sending too much.


Blogger Romain said...

C'est mon ami aussi !

Thank you for giving me news of my ex-team/room/drink/mate ! Take care of him ! ;-)

2:04 AM  
Blogger Mireille said...

Allo David!

Hi grils! I'm a friend of David from Montreal. It is so cool to have news of him... I give him big hug and kiss.
David, can't wait to see you back in Montreal soon!!

Tu nous manques.

Mireille xx

5:33 AM  

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