05 July, 2006


Holy Crap! The internet junkie has finally found wireless. YAY. Apparently, when people stay in Yosemite they don't have their laptops attached to their hips or something.

This will be short because Bridgette and Chick are cooking dinner down the road.

Anyway...we are very humbled by the valley. This is the big stuff here and it has taken quite awhile for me to feel comfortable with the climbing. You don't exactly feel accomplished after a few pitches of 5.9 when you have El Cap staring you in the face every day. But that's ok. Chick has been a fabulous tour guide, keeping us on all the classic climbs so that we don't accidentally climb something less that stellar.

Bridgette is climbing really strong here. She's going down her tick list of climbs faster than i can keep track. But soon enough we'll be back on the sport climbing turf in Oregon. After the valley, sport climbing should be a mental breeze.

My friend John Harmon came to see us for his birthday. He drove over from Reno. We made him a birthday dinner of refried beans, cheese, avacado, tomatoes, torillas and beer. Mmmmm. Then John and I made a birthday breakfast of scrambled pancakes. You too can enjoy scrambled pancakes. All you need is a metal non-"non-stick" pan. Prepare the pancakes like you normally would and then take notice that they burn to the bottom. Scramble them before they do this. And there are your scrambled pancakes. Delicious.

We're planning on being here for another week. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow on our much earned rest day.


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