24 June, 2006

Misc Photos

< -- Yoga @ the Glenwood Springs Mansion
Jenn and Teague hangin out before dinner

<--Bridgette on the 2nd pitch 5.7 @ Cobb

Bridgette, Andy (we refuse to call him Drew) and his girlfriend

<-- Tanya and the twins...Jaden and Eli

Jenn trying to pull the roof on a 5.10b

The lovely Brett Buttera warming up on the same 5.10b @ the Wall of Justice


Blogger Daniel Newman said...

Your comment page looked like it needed at least one comment. Trip looks awsome and I'm very jealous of you two. Have a great time and stay safe. Keep an eye out when Jen is driving. If you have driven with Jen you will know what I'm talking about. We love to hear about your trip so keep in touch and we'll see you at the end of the summer.

-Dan N.

7:41 PM  

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