18 June, 2006

Will you go to the Devil's Baths with me?

Six days in and we're whooped! We've been climbing for the past three days. On the first day we went to Boulder Canyon Sport Park, the second to Clear Creek to meet up with the fabulous Leah, Tracy and Kara...and then back to Boulder Canyon on Day 3 to Cobb rock for a short 2 pitch 5.7.

Last night Ben took us to the Bovine Metropolis Theatre in Denver to see his friend's improv show. It's basically the same setup as 'whose line is it anyway.' Hilarious...and yes we all know i am easily amused, but really they were great. At the ticket counter, we were asked to write down something someone had said to us that day. Well, Chick had called Bridgette earlier (we are meeting him in Yosemite next week) and asked if we would want to go to the devil's baths...sort of a natural hot spring but not really. And lo and behold the poor impov-ers have to create a scene from that phrase...as you can imagine, pretty funny. Then we felt really cool because we got to go hang out with the whole group afterwards. We stayed out way too late and slept in until 11..and then ate mass quantities of food.

And then there was shopping. We went to Neptune, the largest climbing store ever. And spent many hours trying on different climbing shoes and various other articles of clothing. I settled on a flashy pair of Scarpas...and we both bought a Patagucci tank, way too expensive for my tastes, but i couldn't pass it up.

I'll try and get a few more pictures up but they'll be limited until we get access to high speed.
We did another crazy river crossing...a tyrolean traverse. In order to get to Cobb rock, we had to cross the river. But it wasn't as easy as the simple line across the river and hold on tight method that we have pictures of below. No No No, as climbers apparently it is necessary set up obstacle courses on our approaches. There was a rope securely anchored to a tree on either bank of the river, about 6 feet above the water. In order to get across, we had to clip into the rope (yes this requires a harness) and hand over hand it all the way to the other side...back to the water. Interesting and quite a warmup as it is uphill a bit both ways at the end. And then getting off the freaking rope is just as crazy because you're 6 feet off the ground...the fun just never stops. And did I mention we had full packs that we were hauling? :)

We are having fun meeting up with all our crazy climbing friends. Brett and Sara came over the other night for dinner. Brett was very excited about our amatuer website and thanks to him i think we'll have a separate link pretty soon where you can view ALL our pictures.

Well, we are off to see Nacho Libre. Oh yes, there will be a full movie review to come.

Later Gaters...


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