07 July, 2006

Slacklining in Camp 4!!!! Good Rest Day Fun

Our big watermelon...this is how we got Kyle to set up the slackline...the best way to a climber's heart is with ANY kind of food

Other fellow climbers that joined in after we set it up...Jason is on the slackline...Damon watches closely

Bridgette is already a pro!

She's such a pro she can do it and eat a watermelon at the same time...amazing

Finally! It only took me one million hours to figure out how to just get up there

Dang it! Goin Over!

Kyle wows us with his tricks...very modest, we threaten he will get no more watermelon if he doesn't do something cool

It's quite the scene @ the Slackline...Bridgette and I are quickly addicted...nasty fights over whose turn it is. In fact, we're headed over there right after I put these pictures up


Blogger Teague said...

Lookin hot on the slackline Jen! Your site rocks! What a great way to document your send-fest climbing trip! More pics of you climbing. Nice heel hook @ montazuma. Hi Bridget, keep cranking. Enjoy the rest of your adventures.

Go big,
Go fast'
Be well'

2:52 AM  

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