13 September, 2006

Je suis a Paris finalement!

Paris!!! Here I am...a view from Charles' beautiful apartment. It's like a movie.

But we are staying at Chaupette's apartment and no pictures of it yet. Paris is great, no rude french people yet, but i think it's because i am with david.

The metro has so many stairs i cannot even tell you. Flights and flights of stairs. Uh, not good for climbing gear and two months of clothes.

The flight was good, I have to say I'm exhausted...it's 6:10pm Cleveland time and 12:10 am Paris time. These crazy French people stay up all night. I am not kidding. They keep insane hours drinking fabulous wine and eating cheese..appartently america doesn't know cheese. I have been hanging out with some of David's friends that speak only a little english and they keep wanting to say cowboy, but it comes out as an indistinguishable coo-boi...hilarious, they love this word. They keep talking about BrokeBack Mt. and the Coo-boiys. Wow, ok my french isn't so bad then.


Anonymous Nick said...

Bon Voyage! Nice to see you made it safe. France does sound awesome. Back here in Cleveland i keep insane hours drinking whiskey and smoking camels. email is: longauer@hotmail.com

vive le resistance!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous The Bob said...

Everything Nick says it true!! You better send some that wine my way to the PDX. Oh yeah and its: robertgrunau@gmail.com Bring me back a sexy french lady!

10:24 PM  

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