01 January, 2007

Bonne Année!!!

Ok, I'm back...no problems at all. All this fuss so that they could NOT stamp my passport at the border and solve all my problems before I even entered. It's not necessary to get a passport stamp but good for record keeping. But since they don't know I'm here, I am home free. You are all safe to buy your tickets...courtney, elisabeth, hannah, Naaz...hint hint.

I had an awesome new years...hence the fact that it is almost new years in the US and you're six hours behind me. But I'm not too tired because I'm embarrassingly still on CLE time. Rising at absurd hours in the afternoon and staying out all night. So I haven't really adjusted at all.

David's friend Jay (recall his picture with Chupette in Paris) had a big party. Basically they drink all night long (so the same for us) but then at midnight they walk around and say `bonne année' and kiss each other. Every freakin person. But yeah, it's kind of nice and everyone is really happy. How can you not be happy when you just got kissed on both cheeks by 30 different people!?!

The best part was when we started the trek home. It was 4:30 in the morning and you would have thought it was the middle of the afternoon, people everywhere. Those crazy french people...

Bonne Année Mes Amis!!


Anonymous courtney said...

I am still persuading my mom

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

i will know next week! ahhhh its nerve racking i want to go though i am all saved up now, i am just waiting on that chemistry grade...... hopefully see you soon and i am glad you are having fun in france, even if you cant snowboard the alps.... still thats better than boston mills/brandywine, but i get to go to holiday valley for the ski trip next week! (right after that chem final)

12:57 AM  

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