27 July, 2007


My first ever biological niece (although Isabella is as close as they come) was born July 27 - she now shares her birthday with her mother AND her grandfather. Incredible I know, I'm not sure how that worked out, but we think my dad willed it to happen...the entire week he insisted that she would come on their birthday.
And here she is. I survived the birthing experience, Hil made it look pretty easy. It only lasted about 6 hours or so and most of the time Hil was dozing off. So I guess I'll have kids after all.


Blogger Jn said...

"So I guess I'll have kids after all.": --> love it, that's hilarious.

Are you stopping in some NYC aiport by any chance, on your way nack to France?
We could go climbing, I am 99% recovered and my usual partner has just decided to break his ankle too, so I am not climbing at all!

6:21 AM  
Anonymous dav' said...

Yeah, very funny, very funny !!! :-p

For climbing, it's seems that you have some kind of bad luck these days so my little Jenn' is not allowed to climb whit you dude !!!

3:17 AM  

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