24 October, 2007

Other Pictures from the FĂȘte

Tina and Jason. Jason was kind enough to take fabulous photos all weekend. So I have to give him credit for all the pictures I have from this weekend.
The beautiful French countryside.
Tina, being the dance teacher she is, wowed us with her moves and even taught us a few. She was quite popular on the dance floor...of course none of us wanted to have to dance next to her, but we welcomed any help we could get!
Next door to our house there was a family of donkeys. We amused ourselves for probably way too long, petting them and feeding them lettuce.
The house...of course we had to try climbing it...just look at those holds!


Blogger Jean Le Bateau said...

Hello mates ! Sure it was a tremendous day ! Very nice to meet you. Enjoy the rest of your trip ! See you.

1:35 PM  

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