08 June, 2009

Weekend in Ardèche

Last weekend we stayed in Ardèche at our friend's parent's vacation house. Ardèche is the stereotypical French countryside and it's as beautiful as it's made out to be. There is abundant climbing BUT we also had abundant thunderstorms so we did what you always do on a weekend with friends - Eat ! And eat we did. Winner 2009 - Sandbox with Best View

Prepping for dessert...pitting the cherries for clafoutis aux cerises. The lovely Marina was quite the cherry pitter but soon realized that eating the cherries was a bit more interesting than just pitting them. The cherries were freshly picked by a couple who has cherry trees...yum. You'll notice her high class earrings. In France, this is what you do with cherries when you're little...you find a pair of cherries, hang them over your ear and then waltz around like you're wearing 5 carat diamonds. Just your average lavender field...

Taking a walk the easy way.
Playing in the lavender