07 January, 2008

And then there's xmas in France....

01 January, 2008

A Little Glimpse of Christmas In Cleveland...for those of you who have never experienced it

Day 1: Welcome to Cleveland! Holy snowstorm. I got a nice taste of winter the very first day...not very good flying weather ;(
But don't worry, it passed and I flew. I got a nice ride in the Eclipse 500, which I will hopefully be co-piloting when I get back. They're light jets, pretty good to start out on I'd say, and the chance of a lifetime. We'll see...it seems too good to be true...and you know what they say about that.
And of course I got some flying time in my favorite plane ever! Naaz, got up at 6:30am to come take a jaunt to Ashtabula with me. I know what you're thinking....6:30??? But really guys, it's Ashtabula...wouldn't you get up at the crack of dawn to hang out in the Ashtabula pilot's lounge and eat Biscoff, mini-muffins and burnt coffee???oooooh, Christmas from my front porch. I was actually going to go take a picture from the front lawn, but it was too cold and the porch was too warm.Darrin with Lily. I am already being taunted with the fact that she'll be walking by the time I get back...and talking. I think these are lies but the guilt is very effective. Lily and I hung out quite a bit...I changed a lot of poopy diapers and got farted on in the baby-bjorn...ya know, we bonded.