18 June, 2007

Barcelone, Espagne

One last trip before I head home. I visited my friend Erin, who is getting her TEFL certification...one month in Barcelona. So I took advantage of having a friend there and off I went.Barcelona has a cable car that runs across it...really it just looks like a big Sky Ride to me, an interesting alternative to the metro none the less.
Gaudi is the big architect in Barcelona. He's known for doing all sorts of avant-garde-ish stuff. Like the house below, there's another one down the street that is similar. He also designed a big church, unlike any church I have ever seen, but died in a freak car accident before it was finished...they're still working on it.
It's kind of hard to see but the tops of the towers are the color of cotton candy...not tacky at all just really bizarre. The view from the other side is completely different but involves color also. The inside nave isn't completed yet but the supports inside loosley mimic trees and the ceiling is supposed to look like the ceiling of a big forest where you just have little glimpses of light here and there that peak through. There is a museum inside with the plans and pictures of what he had in mind when he was designing it...almost all based on nature.
So there's this festival of San Juan that happens on June 24th...but I knew nothing of this when I arrived. Imagine me, laying on the beach below, when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like gun fire. Really close to me. I panic momentarily...and then it happens again. In fact, it doesn't really stop the rest of the trip. You could be anywhere and you just here these massive blasts. Little kids are playing with fireworks. You know...what else do you do after school right? Apparently, the whole month of June, leading up to June 24th, is one big firecracker fest. When you're little, the competition is to see who can buy the biggest firecracker. And we're not talking little-kid firecracker size stuff, no they roll out big barrels. Vendors sell them on the street and instead of your mom saying, here's two dollars go buy an ice cream, they say here's two dollars go buy a firecracker. And that's why I thought I was going to get shot all day on the beach.

There are a lot of Miro works around Barcelona. This is just one. There's also a cool Picasso museum. And that's about it. This place is really big, the biggest city I've visited, on par with Paris. You CANNOT walk this city, impossible. I really hate the bigness of it, but the atmosphere was amazing - piercings, tattoos, color, originality, extremely friendly - so quite the opposite of France, but I do say that with love ;)

Note: I appologize in advance for the abundance of spelling errors, I'll fix them later